Friday, 31 July 2020

Oh, Look, Another Post. Probably.

Ok, so now I am attempting a "new look" photo post and I think the funny thing is is that I doubt they changed how things look on YOUR end, so I could have just never said anything about this and none of you would be any wiser but here we are.  TA DA.  

Oh lord that was a mess.

I know, I know, to you you're just looking (hopefully) at a post but for me, things froze while I was trying to upload said photo, which has NEVER happened before and I'm on a new-ish computer so it's not my system... And then trying to figure out how to place the photo wasn't intuitive and I legit have no idea what this will look like when I post it because hitting "preview" legit doesn't do anything but show me a page of garbledegook.

Now, Blogger has very kindly said in their blurb about the new look to please report bugs, but I have not seen a way of doing this so unless one of you secretly works for Blogger or whoever their parent company is and wants to let your bosses know this sh*t is whack?  Yeah... not currently impressed, that's for sure.

They've been, as far as I can see, running a beta of this for a while so either no one switched or no one found the bugs I've found or they haven't been able to fix them?  I know a lot of things are "covid delayed" these days but then wouldn't it make sense to hold off on a change?

I know FB - the devil's site has been rolling out updated UI this last while, while at the same time "not having enough staff" to deal with issues and reports and concerns so I guess it just is stuff I'm not "in the know" enough to understand why they're doing this.  (In other news, no one I know has kept the new FB update, which I'm finding hilarious but I'm sure many are...)

But yeah, not liking this new Blogger look at all, will give it a week and then if I'm still not in love, I'll probably revert to legacy for as long as I can.

Le sigh.  (She types, not even sure if this will post!)

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