Saturday, 1 August 2020


Ok, so, there's a certain irony to making a blog all about blogging but um yeah.  They've already changed a couple of things (the "new post" icon for example) and I did figure out a way to report issues (although I'm not entirely sure it's working either TBH) but yeah, not cool Blogger, not cool.

Anyway, the heat's been not so fun this last while and I've lost some sleep from it and had some bad evenings (they're the worst in my place) and just generally .... not had some of my favourite days this last while.

I find it difficult to be un-anxious when I'm hot or it's hot and it's moments like these where I wonder how I survived four years in the Nevada desert in August.  Like, ever.  How? 

And then I tell myself that's not the point and the point right now is to try to get through whatever heat this Summer HERE will throw at us and that yes, I know other places have it worse and oh my lord don't even talk to me about the future of climate change because that will just send me into a panic.  (It always does.)


Happy August, by the way.  This is another one of those long weekends I tend to forget until I'm right on it and apparently this is a long weekend and, um, yeah.  Sigh.


Jason Langlois said...

Hopefully things cool off a bit soon, so we can actually get some sleep.

My adventure today was a Windows 10 update that helpfully disabled my ability to display at full resolution on my monitor for about an hour while I tried to fix it. Which I did. But not fun.

More fun - eating some cherries.

Victoria said...

OH nooooooooo.

But cherries are good!