Thursday, 16 July 2020

The Other Night

The other night I went for a drive to see if I could see me a comet.

(By the way, I keep reading the comet's name as MEOWSIE so.... that's a thing!)

I had a vague plan of where I was going but I sort of forgot and ended up getting not lost but lost in a part of town that's not somewhere I go often (Uplands, for any locals).  (I mean, not lost because I knew which direction the ocean was and which direction home was but more lost like I have no idea what street this is or where it's going and now the street is going sideways again?)

I went down to a place that until a couple of mornings ago I'd always just thought was very dark (not lit) but now have discovered it's a purposeful dark and this place is like a sky watching place on purpose, who knew?  (Apparently not me!)

I wasn't sure if it was gated at night (it's not) and wasn't sure if I'd see anything but when I drove into the parking area there were a ton of cars so I figured I'd come to the right spot.

Second "problem" was that I'd forgotten which direction to look but thankfully everyone out of their cars was facing away from the water so I got out, let my eyes adjust, stared at the beautiful array of stars, spotted the big dipper and then.... a kind of smudgy comet like thing!

I only had my glasses on, so no binoculars or anything of that sort but I still saw it and it was really neat to see and made me happy that I'd tried.  (I thought you could only see it early in the morning and, well, nuh uh to that.)

I felt bad when I got in my car to leave again because my lights were SO bright, but yeah, I saw a comet, even if just a little smudgy-like light blur in the sky it was cool.

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