Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Yes, I'm A Big Whiny Baby

Oh, y'all, it got hot this week.

I keep hoping this is as hot as we'll get this Summer, all while knowing there's still a lot of Summer heat potentially to come.

But Monday, when I woke up around 8, it was already mid twenties in my place.  And that's with all the windows open all night.... that was our starting point.

I put the fans on right away, rather than waiting for the "hot" part of the day, and I think it helped with my mental state and air flow, but my apartment was just under thirty degrees all Monday.

Even by the time I tried to drag myself to bed.  (Hard for me to sleep when it's hot.... waaaahhhh)

I even contemplated getting an air conditioning unit this week.  But... I don't have the money, and I don't have the storage space for the other three hundred and, what, forty?  fifty? something days a year when I don't need it so.... will just keep doing the best I can.

Drinking lots of cool water.  Taking re-hydration (electrolyte) tablets.  I even went outside for a while but it was one of those "didn't seem to help" days on Monday.

Part of me gets anxious in the heat.  Most especially the part that doesn't want climate change to result in more and more of these warm days.

I have learned over the years that my system doesn't respond as well to temperature as others' (a thyroid thing apparently) but I also am aware that different people living in different dwellings have different experiences.

I'm also fairly certain I have it better off than the apartments in the floor above me?  I've visited a neighbour's place up there before and damn... no thank you.

I know we're all different with heat and my friends who live in hot places roll their eyes at me and tell me they WISH for temperatures as cool as the ones I'm complaining about.

But hey... I'm still complaining. 

Le Summer... le sigh. You know?


Jason Langlois said...

After about 1pm, my place is in the sun, so I feel you on this heat thing. I've got fans on me to try and keep cool, but it is still oppressive.

I'd love to figure out a way to store some of this warmth to use during the winter, though, when my place gets cold.

Victoria said...

Sounds like our windows face the same direction, and I think you might be on to something!