Wednesday, 5 August 2020

A Stubbornness?

I suppose I could consider this a new type of writer's block the "I don't WANNA" because when I am just doing... other things, I think of posts I'd like to write, or deep thoughts I'd like to expand upon.  And then by the time I settle myself enough to think "hmm, I should write" or "whoops, no post ready for tomorrow" then I get a very large feeling of NOPE.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

I know I used to have Sunday as my day to just hammer out a week's worth of posts but I lost that in the last few years when my life hit giant bumps and my schedule became less of one and life got trickier and hey now.... pandemic in the mix I guess?

But yeah, not.... un.... can't.... don't wanna.

Which, really, it's probably only me that's at all stressed or annoyed by this. 



Jason Langlois said...

The only one who can make you is you. Only, as we know, sometimes we are our on worst boss.

Victoria said...

I should fire me!

Jason Langlois said...

I dunno, I think you should give yourself a raise!

Victoria said...

I'll put in a good word with me! ;)