Monday, 3 August 2020

Tis A Holiday

So they tell me.  I would have to look to see which one it is.  B.C. day I think?  Which begs the question, do all the other provinces have a "that province/territory" day today?  I should google.... hang on...

Uh... long story short, not a stat, not a holiday everywhere, but hey, happy BC day!

I am, at the time of writing this, exhausted.  Very little sleep this last week or so and it's caught up with me.  I do ok for a day or two but by the third or fourth day I'm miserable and non-functional.

The other night I attempted to use a fan to help cool things down.  So then I needed earplugs, which didn't entirely help.  But I think things did cool down overnight so that did help.  Seems this week will be a bit cooler in general so here's hoping.

I feel like I babbled about this the other day but I had a bit of a miserable week, emotionally speaking, and I am hoping that this week is better in all sorts of ways.  But happy Monday or BC day or whatever you may be having today day.

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