Friday, 30 October 2020

Oh, Come ON!

I know someone out there knows... probably a physiotherapist or massage therapist or someone like that but instead of finding out actual truth I'm just going to say that what happened was totally unfair and like NUH UH!

See, I woke up yesterday morning, nice and cozy in my bed and I stretched.  You know, as one does when they're feeling cozy and sort of ready to wake up.... siiiiigh..... stretch...

And that's when my neck went AH HA I HATE YOU!

Or more to the point it went "HA HA SUPER PAIN RIGHT IN THIS ONE SPOT" like, because I stretched?  You what?

No, but really, I stretched a little, still under the covers and this spot that's like at the base of my skull/top of my neck just started that "pinched" burning pain ow feeling.  

I tried to not move and then I tried to roll the other way to like... loosen it up or something (I dunno!) and then I got up and I'm always aware that with body stuff it's usually something related to something and referred pain or some other muscle causing the issue and someone (non professional) once told me that it's not actually how you slept, it's something you did the day before or something but all I know is that my neck got super mad at me for no reason at all and it's still sore today and did this stuff happen when I was a kid and I just don't remember???


Jamie said...

I can sympathise. This morning, not long after waking, I bent slightly to get something out of my bedside drawer and my back said ‘Nope!’ and has been sore ever since.

I’m only 39. It shouldn’t be like this. Haha.

Victoria said...


Gal dangit! ;)