Tuesday, 13 October 2020

The Keyboard

I had a lovely chat with Apple support on Friday (? Was it Friday?  long weekends always throw me off... sure, we'll say it was Friday)  And I mean that legitimately.  The call was great.

I got called back right away, the person was super nice and helpful and pleasant and yes, I can take my laptop in to have the (already a replacement) keyboard looked at and most likely replaced (again).  I just, to be honest, don't want to.  It's a pretty massive hassle to go without a laptop, and I'm lucky that I still have my old one but oh she is so slow it hurts.  Anyway, that's also part and parcel of my Covid-specific-anxiety and me not wanting to deal with all this.... stuff.  

But yeah the service call was great.  

I really should look at having them fix it as now the b key is starting to repeat.  Le sigh.

There's also the issue (for me at least) though that this laptop is a lease.  I was not in a financial place to buy outright and I've never leased anything before and now I feel a little trapped.  I'm trying to figure out next steps and part of me is maybe waiting to hear back on that before I go a while (a week?  two?) without this one for the keyboard issue/fix.  I dunno... I extra avoid things that can be safely avoided since Covid.  And by "safely avoided" I mean things I don't have to have to deal with and that nothing will go particularly wrong if I don't deal with it.  Passive.... avoidance to reduce massive anxiety,  but I suppose this week I have to do something.  Either deal with the keyboard, or deal with the lease or both.  When I return this unit I sure hope they fix the keyboard before selling/leasing it to someone else, but the issue is attached to the serial number so it's down on record as needing replaced.  

Am I babbling?  It feels like I'm babbling.  This has been a stressor for me this last week or so as it involves one of my biggest anxiety sh*t shows - money.  FUN TIMES!

But yeah, I'mma focus on the awesome, helpful, friendly phone call I had with Apple support.  The end.

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