Friday, 27 November 2020


I just went looking for my "blog post notes" and found them (right where they always are!) and I think some of them are way older than I knew!

Like, there's this one note that says "elk-bird" which is a reminder for me to tell you about the time Jason and I drove somewhere and I saw elk for the first time in my life and then this awesomely huge bird flew low and yeah it's a reminder to tell that story.

So I was thinking about it.. "when did we see those elk?" and my brain went Spring/Summer?  But then I remembered, no, it was right after Jason got out of the hospital... well that wasn't during Covid... was it two Springs ago?  WHAT?  Have I been sitting on these notes for a year and a half?

I suppose that makes sense. I write down the reminder notes but I have to be in the right headspace to tell the story and, well, this pandemic has kind of sidelined a whole lot of headspace for the better part of a year now (almost 10 months now?  here at least.)

And there's another note about something that must have happened two or more years ago even though I remember it clear as day.

And some of you right now are going "wait, what?  Jason was in the hospital" and yeah, I guess I maybe never talked about that either since there are just notes saying "ER-sick" that I'm seeing further down my list... whoops!

So yeah, I have notes for posts from ... er... things that happened a couple of years ago.  Whoops! (Time is weird... extra weird, and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

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