Monday, 30 November 2020

My Latest Random Dream

Usually I can kind of piece together where my dreams came from but this latest one has me quite baffled.

Because... badminton.

Yep, badminton!

I was on the team (never have been) and practicing against someone  (who was someone without being them if you know what I mean) and then we went to the tournament and this person suddenly said we were playing doubles and I was like WAIT, NO!  Because we hadn't practiced DOUBLES!!!! Only against each other and NO this was not going to be ok because, well, doubles....

Y'all, I have no idea.  Sure, I've *played* badminton but never like...  as an adult at all!  And I only really played it in PE in high school so not even on a team or anything.  I also hadn't seen it anywhere, like not on a show or movie or anything so I legit have no idea where my brain pulled that one from.

And this was after a dream about me having an old truck and an old camper trailer (one of the "square" ones... it made sense in the dream) and then having to drive home after my camping trip but my actual car being too far from where I store the truck and camper and um, yeah... I get that my brain is stressed but badminton???