Thursday, 5 November 2020

Not Just Me!

Ok, so I just spoke to C-Dawg who said she and her family are noticing the same thing so... it's not just me, and maybe it's also some of you!?

We were chatting about the usual "how dark it is so early!" of the time change and how hard it feels to get through the now very long very dark evenings/nights and I said you know what's weird?  My body is extra confused this year....  like, I don't just think it's 5 pm at 4 pm, I think like... three hours difference instead of the one.  So at 4 pm, I'm wondering why it's 7:30/8pm??

She said they'd noticed the same thing and so now I'm wondering if it's some extension of the weirdness that has been time this year with the pandemic and lockdown... like we've just now gotten extra time lost and confused?

Because yeah, I'm usually upset by the time change, as we all know!  But this year it just feels particularly extra... "not right".  If that even makes sense...


Jason Langlois said...

I think my own "clock" is off because I'm working from home, and don't see much of the day-night cycle, other than what was the morning sunshine leaking into my bedroom. But now even that's gone, so it just feels like I'm in the dark all the time.

So I don't have a real sense of the day.

Victoria said...