Monday, 9 November 2020

Back To The Weather!

After losing most of last week to worry and stress over some other country's election, I felt a bit of relief to wake up to texts from friends on Saturday morning... I would LOVE to tell you I'm now calm, but anxiety can be a real tricky one and I still am not feeling.... relaxed about it, or things, if I'm honest, but hey, there's a bit of hope in my system now and I'm trying to let the rest go.

Sooooooooooo, to get back to OTHER things, brrrr, it's chilly!

Except, then it's not.

Bare with me for a minute here... It is definitely Fall.  The chilly is chillyyyyyyyyyy cold.  But then sort of out of nowhere it's no longer cold.  Like last night I almost totally shut my bedroom windows AND I put my final blanket on, but I fully expect that at some point this coming week I will be taking blankets off again and opening windows fully up again because that's what I had to do this week.  Like my little inside thermometer/humidity thing I got this summer to help me see just how frigging hot my place got (spoiler, HOT!) is still out and I glance at it some mornings.  Last week I woke up one morning and it was 18.  Another morning it was 22.  I've even found myself adjusting my radiator here and there.  Ooop, gotta turn that thing down, it feels sweaty in here!  Next day...uh, why is it so freezing in here?  Welp, guess I'll turn that radiator back up then.  SIIIIIGH.

It's just... I mean, I know weather isn't constant and temperatures fluctuate but it has felt odd to me.  Like the system can't decide if we're doing mild or cold so it just decided to do both... at will.  

I know, I know, things warm up when cloud cover happens and rain but then also they don't (remember my day the other week when I turned my legs red from cold rain when I didn't think it was actually that cold?)   And there have been more than a few days when I've layered up to go out and been ok, and other days when I've layered up and ended up carrying those layers because TOO WARM.

Anyway... just making conversation.  Calm, quiet, neutral, easy conversation.... cuz reasons.

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