Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Too Literal

I wear slippers around my place.

(Most, if not all? people I know do, in case it's an unusual thing where you live.)

The ones I have right now are slip on, like, uh, half slippers? if that even makes sense.  As in, they're not pull on booties, they're slip on half shoe things.  This isn't important...

Anyway.  Recently... as in a few months ago, I started to slip.  Like, my floors got slippery... I would slip.

It was only in certain areas (I have hardwood flooring) and I'd try to think if I'd spilled water there and I'd make sure to clean the area but yeah, I've been slipping lately.  Not a great feeling as slipping and falling is not something I'd recommend to anyone...

It took me a while of this happening, in different random spots around my apartment before I thought to look at my slippers themselves.

The soles looked fine to me, nothing weird stuck on them, so I shrugged it off.  And slipped.... here and there.  And then I figured there wasn't much to lose so I washed the soles of my slippers.

During this washing I noticed some writing on the bottom that said I could machine wash them, but I was already hand washing the soles so... meh.  They weren't filthy, just perhaps a little dusty... collected dust over time I guess.

And lo and behold guess who hasn't slipped (yet) since!  ME!

So, yeah... my slippers quite literally turned into... slip...ers.  And now I know that if it happens again, I can clean off the soles and happily wander around my place, ta da!