Wednesday, 16 December 2020


I feel like there are so many things I don't understand right now.  I mean that thought can be applied to... you know, everything, but right now I mean it within the context of the pandemic and where it feels like "we" are right now.

I'm seeing things happen, and admittedly, most of them are through the media via the States, so perhaps not fully representative of, say, the world but like... I'm confused.

Confused by "live" tv shows that have been back on air and people in those shows being close and how many people shrug things off with "we all got tested!" and that's not even considering the folks I see who seem to be planning "back to normal as soon as I get this vaccine" and, well, I guess I just have a different understanding of what I think is... best (?) better (?) for long term health or something.

I'm confused by the amount of holiday travelling that is being reported and while I do understand the human concept of "I'm an exception" and I do understand that we're all tired tired tired of this... I guess I'm just hitting what feels like a very different take on things and I know I'm not alone in this, and I'm trying to sort of at least attempt to be neutral but I'm not really sure why a lot of things are happening right now and this is all just continuing to be weird....


I like to say and think positive things like "we're all doing the best we can" but sometimes I wonder about that, honestly.... and as I've mentioned before, reading online comments about this right now is something that sets me off into a bad state of anxiety so I'm trying to limit that...

And I get it, I do, I get that we're (ALMOST!) all hurting.  (We'll just skip over those for whom this pandemic has been a boon.... sigh).  Industries are struggling, businesses, people, families.  I don't think many if any of us/them were prepared for this particular situation and so I can try to understand industries and businesses and people trying to adapt... but still.... but still... I think I'm most baffled by the entertainment industry right now, and I'm including sports in that and I could go on but I'll stop myself, I just... don't get it. 

I guess I'll end by saying I hope if you're reading this you're staying as safe and healthy as possible and that your loved ones are as well.  This isn't easy, this isn't normal, this isn't anything we're used to and I'm not naive enough to think that a new year is going to bring about a sudden change like I think we all would like.

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