Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Let's Book It!

I had a strange (for me) thing that happened this last week or so and as I sit down to talk about it I think it was most likely just a coincidence?

I read books in bed at night.  I always have, it's like... my thing.

Most nights, if the book is good, I read a chapter or so and get a little sleepy and so put the book aside at a good break time and then go night night!

But this book that I just finished, I'd read a point of feeling like it was lights off time, put the book down, turn off my light and be like... wide awake?  It was weird.  I kept wondering if it was something in the book that was riling me up or something but like I started off saying here, I think it was maybe just more a coincidence rather than a book causing lack of sleep?  (It wasn't an exciting or scary book or anything, just basically a romance if anything... so odd that I felt very not sleepy while reading it.)

I finished the book last night and so will start another and we'll see if the weird non sleep thing continues or what.  I keep hearing that sleep has been extra elusive for many this year due to the ongoing pandemic and the stresses it brings, so... yeah.

Speaking of books.  My tracking that I've done the last two years tells me that this year I saved $255 by using the library!  And that's with a shut down for part of the year! (Vs how much I would have spent if I'd bought the books myself at current market rate.)

I just bought myself (locally!) four books as a Christmas treat for myself.  Three books the library didn't have (which is frustrating in some way I can't quite put my finger on... like part of me assumes the library will have ALL THE BOOKS even though that's not... possible) and one that they likely will but that I wanted anyway cuz... treats!

Those four books and the one I got as a gift for someone else cost me about $120.  (They delivered it for free, awwww!) I could have saved a handful of dollars had I ordered through Amazon but... I'm working at reducing my Amazon orders and buying locally whenever possible for many many reasons.  Many.

I'll go back to library books once I've finished these - two of them are "second in series" books that the library didn't have.  I was hopeful that I would be able to donate the books to the library once I was done reading them, but it turns out you can't just do that.  Which is a bummer, as, well, hey, the library doesn't have these and now I do and, I'm sure others want to read them you know?

So yeah. Books continue to be awesome and one of my favourite things and I treated myself to a year end bonanza of books and I'm looking forward to digging into one of them tonight!


Happydog said...

Yeah books! Hey what app do you use? I've used Goodreads since it came out so I have so many books on there moving to another app sounds daunting but I’m kinda over them since Amazon bought them. I know ages ago. ��‍♀️

Victoria said...

YAY books!!!
I don't really use any, I've popped in to Goodreads now and then and sometimes I check out Reddit's book subreddit and other times I search for award winners, etc. It's funny since you've asked me this I've realized I'm not entirely sure how I hear about new books! I guess just through people mentioning them... somewhere? And if they appeal to me?
The ones I just got are ones from tv shows (Longmire and The Exapanse) and the second in the Dune series, and a Booker prize winner that appealed to me.
I do keep a list on my library account of books I'd like to read though, so I suppose that's what I use the most nowadays! :)

Jason Langlois said...

I need to get more of those Expanse novels, but I'm half-hoping I'll get some for Christmas so I'm holding off this month.

Victoria said...

Heh, just saw my above typo of Expanse that I will blame on the keyboard ;)

I was surprised what a quick read the first Expanse book was Jason, will see how I go with the second!

Anonymous said...

Nearby my home is the most magical bus stop/mini library where people drop off/pick up books for free. The city & BC Transit (and donated materials)made this possible (with salish artwork poles/solar lighting/cedar benches)and of course people bringing books. I could not believe this existed so maybe you can find a free library near you. This also helped me find new books/authors with no cost.


Victoria said...

That's awesome! :)

Happydog said...

Thanks for the info. I’d forgotten I can keep book lists on my library account! I try to get fiction from the library since I tend to read fiction once. I do have a Kobo reader I really like and will buy non-fiction and fiction on daily deals. We have a bunch of little free libraries around my neighbourhood—James Bay—and if I want a quick murder or spy novel that’s usually where I would look. Though not since COVID. And we also have a community library in our strata building which has some great stuff. I follow a lot of artists and book types on Instagram and I have people I worked with in publishing so I usually know what’s going on in book land. 😄

Victoria said...

Oh right on! :)