Friday, 11 December 2020

So, It Wasn't Just Me

Remember last month when I wondered if my body was not dealing with heat or something, like was it just me or was it weirdly cold and Jason L of blog comment fame (not to be confused with Jason of, uh... I talk about him fame) commented that yeah, it had been a cold November, and I felt a bit better.

So here I am about a month later turning up my radiator and then having to turn it down the next day... and then folding down a blanket or three and then pulling them up a few days later.  Opening both bedroom windows halfway and then in a couple of days having to shut them both.  So yeah, I guess that start of November was colder than usual.  And I keep reminding myself that we tend to have our cold cold spells more into January and February than November/December and that technically Winter hasn't started yet anyway... but yeah, I need to go turn my radiator down a bit this morning, I can't keep up man! 

These are the daaaaaays of our lives!


Jason Langlois said...

It's pretty all over the temperature dial right now. I'm having the same issue - too hot or too cold.

Victoria said...