Saturday, 12 December 2020

Sorry About This!

As I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep while also debating the fact I clearly needed to pee and should just get up and get that over with (spoiler, I did, but I "wasted" nearly two hours trying to pretend I didn't need to!) I started to think about the two times I remember my pee being very much not the right colour.  So, yeah, you get a pee post, sorry!

The one time was in University and I had been in contact with someone who got meningitis.  It was scary, and they put all of us who'd been in contact with them on a serious antibiotic with the warning it would turn our urine orange.

And yeah, I remember that.  Like... that orange drink stuff you used to get at field days at schools from McDonalds?  Remember that orange?  So yeah, like that, if a little... paler?  It would have been terrifying if I wasn't expecting it!!!

The other time was at Burning Man, so I may have mentioned it here already.  But because of the location, elevation, temperature, time of year and dust at Burning Man, staying hydrated is damn important, but so is managing your electrolytes.

I still am not sure what happened, but I was staying in Max's trailer, which for the first time, allowed me to see the colour of my urine.  Sorry for the details, but when you normally (as someone without a penis) go pee there you're peeing into a portapotty and so can't see the colour.  But in the trailer, I was peeing into a "regular" toilet and then turning to flush it and so able to see the colour of my supposed to be hydrated urine!  Which... in this case was close to brown. (Or at least that's how it appeared, perhaps a trick of the lighting or something in the trailer system, who knows, I just was like oh swear word, this is not good.)

Yeah... very very not good.

I told Max right away and we got me some coconut water (which is gross but good for hydration and electrolytes) and, well, I just watched to make sure things improved, which they did, and I was extra mindful of my fluid intake for the rest of the week!

So, yeah.  Because I had to pee last night, I started to think about those two not normal coloured pee times and, well, now you have this post, sorry! 


Jason Langlois said...

Man, I remember the first time I took a B12 vitamin pill...

Victoria said...