Thursday, 8 April 2021

Slick Like Butter!

I was out for a walk over the long weekend, and I had just started whatever podcast I was listening to so my brain was either focussed or distracted and it was earlier than I usually walk and so perhaps I was a bit tired as well and I say this because I was unable to human properly.

See, I passed by a nice fellow (at a distance) and he cheerfully said "Morning!" And my brain wanted to respond with "Morning!" but also with "Hello" and so I cheerfully called back "Mo!"

Yes... "Mo"  you know... not a word at all?  Not a greeting?  But the start of good combined somehow with the start of morning and well I just kept walking while thinking... MO?  WHAT IS MO???  (So I just kept walking and then immediately texted C-Dawg to tell her how my brain just broke!)

Oh brain...  you so silly sometimes!

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