Friday, 30 December 2011

Pretty Proud Of Myself

Golden Days by foundimagination
I decided, probably right around the time I wrote this post, that I needed a new shower head in my apartment.

The new one they'd put in was too spread out, if that makes sense. (Lots of space between the water, so it felt impossible to get, for example, soap out of my hair or off my face, etc.) So I decided to see if I could fix it.

First of all, I checked the attachment and then I went and got a new shower head. Sure, maybe not one as awesome as my parents' but still, better than the "oh, wait, is there supposed to be a concentration of water?" one.

Then, I brought it home and opened up my (decidedly lame) toolkit and realized I didn't have the tool I needed, but would try to make do.

Which didn't work.

So I called my Dad.

"Dad? I need to borrow a tool to put on a new shower head. Kind of like a pair of pliers or something, but not quite."

My Mom tried to tell me that I should just get the manager to fix it for me, but I told her that I figured I could do it myself.

Dad got me exactly what I needed (and neither of us could come up with the right adjustable...thingamy?) and I headed home to see if I could make this thing work.


Unscrewed the old guy (yes, used a towel between the thingamies to make sure I didn't scratch/dent the metal) and screwed on the new guy and tightened everything and even held my breath when I turned on the water but yay no leaks!

And yay! New awesome shower!

At which point I called my Mom.

"Rawr!" I said.

"Pardon?" she said.

"I am a woman. Did you just hear me roar?"

Yeah. I'm kind of awesome right now.

Plus, my hair is really really clean.


Stephanie Hunter said...

I LOVE this! It is totally awesome when we can Roar!! I bought myself a toolbox, and some tools to go with it. And, just because I can, I added stickers to my toolbox. lol

Dominic said...

Mole grips?

Dateafrenchman said...

A wrench? I have a giant adjustable wrench at home and I feel empowered every time I use it! Embrace your inner handy woman!

Just Sayin... said...

An adjustable thingyamigiy = wrench. lol Love it.

I needed one too for a small repair and the handyman at work had told me to help myself to ANY of the tools in his shop. I took a wrench, a large packle spreader thingy, and needlenose plyers. Surprised how often I need needlenose.

I have enough of my own tools now, that I had to go out and buy a tool box. (oh there is my next post)

I"M PROUD OF YOU!! I heard that rawr all the way over here on the mainland! Well done! now have some wine!

Victoria said...

Well done Stephanie! ;)

Dominic, I had to google that (I'd call them pliers I think) and no... that wasn't it!

Nope Datea, that wasn't it either. It was probably some hybrid of the two ;)

It wasn't entirely wrench-like JS. But..then again it wasn't entirely not wrench-like. But I should get me one. Wrench, that is.
And now for some...chocolate instead of wine ok? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh honey....

Good for you for fixing it, but calling your dad is why you're still single!

Next time go to the hardware store and ask for help! The guys there will give you instructions (and sell you a tool), you get to talk to a guy, and you still get to be all feminist and fix it yourself.

Castle building on Cook St. has the best customer service. Stay away from Capital Iron - they are overpriced and the hardware section is staffed by cranky old men.

Just Sayin... said...

Oh Anonymous.... You're wrong.

S&P being single has nothing to do with where she obtained the information to fix her shower. The venue is irrelevent.

I get all my infor from the hardware store and I''m still single. I only go there cos I do not have a resourceful person to call, otherwise I would skip the store altogether.

Just Sayin... said...

*correction.. that should read Victoria, not S&P.

Victoria said...

Thanks for the tip Anonymous, I'll check Castle out next time I need to buy a tool

Thanks JS. I like calling my Dad cuz I can, makes me feel lucky :)