Thursday, 4 July 2013

I Just Keep Sighing

It feels like it was FOREVER ago, but amazon tells me it was 2006 when the book "He's Just Not That Into You" came out.

I read it.  And I read "It's Called a Breakup Because It's Over." too.

Hated them both.  Because they said things I knew and didn't want to admit and I still get frustrated and angry when people point things out that I know, but don't want to.

Jay just isn't that into me, and that sucks royally.

And our relationship is over because it didn't work, was broken.

And that sucks too.

It all sucks and is sucky and I hate it and I feel like I hate everything right now and that's simply not true.

Just... I hate this.

And no, I'm not ready to be happy it happened.  (Insert many swears here.)


Unknown said...

He's just not that into you.. made me incredibly angry!! But helped me to move forward w/o a fantasy of 'if only' I've recommended and lent that book numerous times. In fact, a faded & quite old copy are on my trunk today!

Dominic said...

"He's just not that into you" disturbed me a little: I couldn't believe that someone had to write a book to explain something that seemed so obvious to me.

How the other half lives, I guess.

Hang in there!

Dominic said...

Saw this, thought of you

Victoria said...

So true Sabrina, it does help with moving on when it's hard to do so on your own...

Disturbs me that it seems so obvious to you when it never does to me! Guess we really are different creatures, eh?

Oh, and that made me cry! Thanks :)

Lesley said...

Ah, He's just not that into you. I watch it when I need a reality check, when I need to stop over thinking things wondering does he like me?!?! What does it mean when he does this or that?

The movie doesn't make it any easier, but it instills in me that if they really are interested, they would not be playing all these games.

I want to believe it's as easy as the movie shows it is. That one day someone who really wants to get to know me will make an effort. I've made plenty of effort to get to know guys, so I know it's not a one way street.

I'm not sure in this day and age it's as easy as all this says it is... :(

Victoria said...

I've never found the book/movie helpful in starting a new relationship, just in getting over the old ones!

Michelle - Sanibel Gal said...

If you think the book was annoying, have you seen the movie? I want to hate it - but I hate it because it is true - sad as it is for all of us :-)

Look forward to hearing your Burning Man adventure

Victoria said...

The movie was sort of cute, just cuz I liked the two main characters :)