Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I never told you I'm a hero, did I?


So my friend had her car stolen... a smaller car, but with some distinctive bumper stickers on it, and a distinctive colour.

One of our friends thought he saw her car around town later that week, and I could have sworn I did as well, but... it's not like a thief would just drive a stolen car around, right?

Except, apparently they would.

Because I was out for a walk about two weeks after her car was taken and what did I spot parked on a street by the ocean?

My friend's car.

Safe and sound... but... clearly not in her possession!

So, I called her, called the police and she came (in her rented car) and we waited together for the police to arrive, wondering what we'd do if the scary bad guy came and drove her car away.

But, yeah, go figure... my super spy training has clearly paid off.

I found a stolen car!



Elliott said...

Well done! Round of applause!

We had some stuff stolen out of our garage last year, including my daughter's bike. Long story short, a couple of weeks later the bike was returned. A friend of our other daughter saw the bicycle in the back of a pickup at a party and grabbed and brought it back. Not what I would have done, that's what the police are for, but we (actually the insurance company) were happy to get it back. And really happy the good samaritan didn't get beaten up or arrested for stealing a stolen bicycle.

Army of the Frenetic said...

Aye, nice job!

I was at a bus stop long ago when I found this ID card just laying on the ground. Picked it up, glanced around, spied who I thought resembled the picture, and handed it back to him.

About a week later, I was in line at the library. Felt a tap on the shoulder, turned to see a guy holding a card. I didn't know what to do until I realized that it was my own!

Instant karma, ladies and gentlemen.

Victoria said...

Well thank you, thank you! And.... good about the returned bike, sorry about the thieving :/

Yay for karma AotF! Well done :)