Saturday, 16 August 2014


Ok, feeling ridiculously overwhelmed and busy and like maybe I will never get time to sit and write a post again EVAR!

Or, like until three weeks from now.

We may have found a ticket for Connor.

I say may because it's winging its way here from the U.S. of A and until it arrives I think we'll both be a little bit nervous.  Even though my gut tells me we're fine.

So I've hauled out my bins from last year and man oh man now my entire place smells like Burning Man.

It's funny though, because C-Dawg came over and couldn't smell it.  It was weird.  Jason says maybe only people who've been can recognize the smell, which may be true because Connor said he pulled out his bin, opened it up and took a big whiff of Playa.  So... there you go. 

I've emptied out the bins and fallen in love with myself for the organization I left myself last year.  But it still means there is stuff strewn everywhere and I can't quite believe it all fits into two (albeit giant) bins.

I still have to figure out how best to organize them and then what I want for the road trip that's separately packed and what I'll need once we hit the Playa but are not yet through the Gate (because that's when I first started to get hot last year, I want to be ready to cool myself off this year even if it means hello bra and panties in line.

So, yeah, trying to sort it all out and then put it all back away neatly but I'm exhausted by it and feeling like I'd rather just hide but I want it done so that maybe, just maybe I can have a few days of relaxing and resting and hydrating before we leave.

Oh, and maybe, just maybe, I'll find time (and brainpower) to write.  No guarantees though... I'm pretty garbled at the moment.

But yeah... I... ok.

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