Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Ok, Brain!

So I had this dream the other night/morning.  You know, one of those dreams that seems to go on all night but in reality is probably only happening for a few minutes or so?

Yeah.  So I was putting on a dance performance in my school.  (It was probably my elementary school because I used to do that kind of thing, except back then I'd perform on the stage with the lights and in this dream I was performing down on the gym floor if that makes sense, and no, I have no idea where the audience was going to sit.. you don't have to figure out those kinds of details in dreams!)

The one dance I had to perform was where I was Miss Piggy doing the dance that showed Kermit how much I adored him.  (Go figure)  And so I practiced the dance at the dress rehearsal (in my pink Miss Piggy dress outfit) and then realized I had to make a shoe decision.  Because I really wanted to show Kermit how much "I" liked him so he'd understand so I was trying to decide between tap shoes (they'd make a lot of noise) and pointe shoes (because they're pretty and hard to dance in) and so I had to try the dance again with both shoes and then I woke up and I still don't know what kind of shoes I should have worn but I'm thinking the tap ones suit Miss Piggy better?  Even though it wasn't a tap number?

Yeah... these are the things my brain thinks about apparently.


Army of the Frenetic said...

Same here. I did plays back in elementary school and had my fair share of nervous speeches!

My dream was bittersweet. For some reason I'm waiting for the bus and this girl sits on the bench with me. We have an AMAZING time together talking and laughing and flirting, and she's everything I want in a girl.

But we are taking separate buses.

She gives me a handwritten letter than she wrote (somehow without me seeing) to me and says that I can't peek at it until she's left.

I agree and just as I'm about to open the letter....

....I wake up. I wake up feeling so happy because of her and her letter and then reality sinks in that none of it exists.

She was, quite literally, my dream girl.

Victoria said...

Awww man! :(