Thursday, 1 March 2018


Some random thoughts I've had lately include...

- I should just make the inside of a creme egg cuz that's really the only part I like.  (So, basically just sugar, plus sugar, plus sugar and a dab of yellow)

- Um... I'm not actually sure I exist.  (This set off a very strange feeling late night situation that included "well, the only place all my thoughts are is in my head so maybe that's the only place I exist and so yeah, I maybe really don't exist?)

- Does this physio (and/or massage therapist) actually have any idea how much pain they're causing?  Like, do they think I'm super wimpy and not realize how frigging much this hurts???

- No way it is actually 2018.  I don't understand why people think it is when it's just like halfway through 2017, you know?

Oh, and my favourite, done during cardio earlier this week...

- Nope, screw this.  I don't want to be fit.  No more cardio.


Jason Langlois said...

- This is why we have jars of vanilla icing. Not that I have any experience or anything, just hypothesizing.

- Ah, the existential crisis. You think, therefore you are. I hope you exist, though. I've grown fond of the idea of you being in the world.

- Yes, they know. They just don't care.


- Ah yes, if only exercise felt as good as eating a bag of chips.

Victoria said...

-I too have no idea of what you're speaking of with regards to jars of vanilla icing. Nope. No idea!

-Maybe I'm just a room full of monkeys?


-Double sigh