Monday, 23 April 2018

Is It Friday Yet?

Well, I had a good weekend (thank you sunshine!) but I overextended myself a little.  Not in a bad way just.. I'm tired.

Jason asked me to come on a photoshoot with some friends of his that were visiting (and so that's always tiring for an introvert) but they were a really nice couple so they asked if we wanted to go to a show with them that evening, so we did, (which, again, is tiring for an introvert)  The show wasn't my style, but I stuck it out, drinking my water, and crowdwatching, and then I headed home, all wound up (as it goes for at least this introvert) and so Sunday was a low, slow day and now I need a weekend.

So, anyone willing to make this not be Monday?


Jason Langlois said...

That's an exhausting weekend!

If it helps, it's already Tuesday in Japan as I'm posting this comment.

Victoria said...

So if I fly to Japan it might already be Wednesday?