Monday, 20 August 2018


Am writing this from the comfort of my couch (well, that's where I almost always do my writing but it's less dramatic to say so!)  I booked the next couple of weeks off in case I was going to Burning Man but I'm not going to Burning Man so here I am.  Couch.  Relaxing.  Smoke-filled skies.

I mention that last part because my neighbour's smoke alarm keeps going off and when I checked on here there's no smoke in her place... we're pretty sure it's just the smoke in the air from the surrounding wildfires.  So I'm half waiting for mine to go off and really hoping it won't.

For any of you who live elsewhere in the world our province is yet again in a state of emergency from wildfires.  And then the next two states down from us... well, most of this coast to be honest is also dealing with way too many wildfires.  Not that there's a "good" number of them, but you know what I mean.

I'd talk about the weather, but it's just... not really there behind the smoke.  It's weird and uncomfortable and disheartening.

But, I'm home, happily on my couch so....