Thursday, 23 August 2018

Well Then

You may remember that I've said I have a hard time not finishing books.  (Which can be painful at times!)

I also mentioned that I'm re-reading my old books, to see if there are some I no longer want to keep, and I have realized... I do not feel the need to finish them this time!

Like I was re-reading whichever book and meh it was dragging.  But I kept going before I realized, you know what?  I've read this already.  I have no need to re-read it.  I don't enjoy it enough to keep it, and I don't need to finish the book to know that!

So I put down a book half way through and picked up another and the fact I've jumped a few chapters ahead and am still not engaged means I think this one is going to go bye bye as well.

Yay!  Saving time and making space!

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