Friday, 14 September 2018

No Thank You!

I do not want my car to think for me or to outthink me.

I mean, it's one thing to have a car do something BETTER than I can, like ABS brakes or something, but I don't want my car to watch lanes for me and keep me in mine, I don't want my car to tell me when someone is in my blind spot, I want ME to do these things! Well, ok, maybe the blind spot one is a bad example but really... I do not want to pay LESS attention when I'm driving, I want to pay more.

It's like, I've already accidentally left a friend's car unlocked when I got my new car with the fancy "push this button to lock all doors" thing and I forgot hers was older and that I'd have to push the lock closed myself.  I don't like the idea of drivers relying on cars to do things drivers should be doing.... "pedestrian avoidance" and all that. 

I read something similar recently about someone saying that they'd been driving in a newer car with lane assist and whatever avoidance and beeps or pings to help you drive and that when they went into an older car they were actually quite concerned at how quickly they had become a much worse driver.

I made the joke the other day that I'm going to be the little old lady down the block who still drives her car herself, what a silly lady!

But, no, really, I do not want a car that thinks for me.  I think we should be reminding drivers to be even more cautious and careful, not less.


Happydog said...

My theory is it's our corporate overlords preparing us for self-driving cars. Easing us into trusting AI. Well that and since all cars are basically the same mechanically the bells and whistles are what sets them apart. Maybe?

Victoria said...

Mayyyybe, yeah?

Jason Langlois said...

I'm picturing the self-driving chairs from WALL-E now. That's what they're trying to give us.

Victoria said...

Seems that way eh?