Thursday, 13 September 2018


I've been watching people post their photos from their trip to Burning Man this year and yes, it makes me sad to not have experienced any of it.... but it also got me thinking something.

Who was the first human to think "I want to breathe fire"?  And how did that go that first time?

No, I mean like really!  Who the heck thought of this?!?!  And why?  And how did they experiment?  This is one of those things I can't really wrap my head around how someone decided to try it.

Humans are so so weird.


Jason Langlois said...

I feel like guessing it probably happened by accident when someone first discovered alcohol and spit it onto the fire... and then probably developed into a "mystical" trick to prove one's magical powers.

So "whoops!" turning into "hey, can I dod that again" into "Oh man, they're gonna love this at the gathering..."

So maybe somewhere in the Iran/Iraq area, spreading to India?

Victoria said...

I will totally agree with what you've just suggested!