Friday, 7 September 2018


September is such a change of things.  For me.  (That made no sense... bear with me)

For so many years it was the start of school/high school/university/more university/grad work, and then it was the end of Burning Man... but September has always had, for me, a sense of loss.  Somehow Summer always seems to wrap up at the end of August, even though the calendar says Fall doesn't start until the 21st or so....

The weather has already changed, although I never rule out a hot spell.... I am sleeping with a blanket on again.  I wore jeans and boots the other night.  I'll ignore the fact that everyone's talking about Halloween already and just point to the "back to school" sales everywhere right now.  And the photos of "my kid's first day in grade...." and just... I don't dislike September exactly, but it makes me miss Summer a whole lot.

I didn't get up to much, physically speaking, this summer.  No trips away, no big hikes or day trips.  I did do a camping trip in Spring but it cost so much money (that I don't really have) and we can't have campfires right now and the smokey air, although cleared out now (knock on wood) really put a damper on things. 

Geese are already honking their way elsewhere, leaves are slowly slowly turning, the days are shortening, nights are longer...

I imagine those of you with kids or those of you in College or University mark September as the end of summer too.... I'm trying not to be too glum about it, but yeah, September's a weird month for me... I should probably just accept that.


Elliott said...

September really does feel like the start of a new year. Especially when your spouse is a is a new year for them. And now our oldest is also a teacher and this marks her first year of having her own classroom (last year she was a part time planning teacher).

And for me hockey seasons are kicking off next weekend and golf (for what it was this year) is now a fall really does feel more a start than January.

September is an odd month over here too.

Victoria said...

I forget that a lot of sports start up now too, as well as, apparently tv shows/seasons.

And that must be exciting for your eldest, wow! :)

kandijay said...

For me, September is the beginning of what I call "the race to the end of the year." I work at a university, so once school starts, it's one busy week after another, with end-of-summer canning and fruit picking on the weekends and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping and BOOM. Year over.

That said, fall is my favorite season ever.

Victoria said...

Fair enough! (I was saying to someone just today that the stores go.... Summer-Halloween-Christmas just like that!)