Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Only If

I just had (another) one of my random brain thoughts.

There's an episode of Black Mirror (a tv series about the potential perils of future imagined technologies) where (without ruining any plot points) there's a small device that can "see" and has recorded your thoughts.  Or something like that... now that I think on it there are actually a couple of episodes with something like that in it. 

So the thought just occurred to me as I was trying to remember the dream I was having this morning (which was upsetting and stressful but not a nightmare) would you (or would I?) WANT to be able to see your dreams the next day?

Like, I know there are some people who do remember their dreams and there are some dreams that are vivid and there are a whole lot of things out there about dreams and remembering them and all that, but I'm saying... would you want to be able to watch like a you tube type video replaying your dream?  I have no idea what the purpose would be other than to get rid of that feeling I'm having right now of "what was that dream about anyway... something about finding a house?"

I think I would be interested to see how coherent my dreams actually are, but I wouldn't want them recorded or to have anyone having any access to them and so I think if it was, you know, *not* a Black Mirror episode type technology thing it'd be interesting to re-see a dream and see how vivid or strung together they are, or what?

Anyway... total random brain thought that is harder to explain than it was to think up!

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