Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Ok, so this is totally random again but I have this shirt that I wear at night.  It's super soft and comfy.  I used to wear it for reals, as in, it is a real shirt not a nightshirt, but it got a hole in the belly and I retired it and turned it into a night-time-cozy-shirt.

I noticed a few nights ago that the right armpit is now torn. Bummer.

And then I started to wonder why the right armpit is torn. 

I was mulling this over as I was taking the shirt off and realized that when I remove a t-shirt type shirt (and I imagine, all shirts for that matter), I pull on the right side first.  Which probably means the right arm and armpit are taking far more wear and tear than the left and that's why my right side is torn.

Makes you wonder just how many non-thinking habits we have that may be causing some sort of "damage", you know?

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