Wednesday, 13 February 2019


It snowed pretty seriously all day Monday and the city had one of those "virtually shut down" days yesterday. I was safely and happily warm at home with nowhere to be which is the best way to be on a snow day!

I did think of walking to the store to get some (extra!) treats but I didn't need them, and more importantly, I don't need store managers to think that they should make employees come in on days like that, so I ate what I had and didn't shop.  Plus, sidewalks were a real mishmash, I actually felt more comfortable in the deep snow off the side of sidewalks when I did go out for a wander.

They were calling for more snow all yesterday but it didn't happen.  Probably happened elsewhere (apparently a few hours up Island got super hit) but for us it was a strange slightly melty day.

I've been feeling a bit sad, to be honest, thinking to a few days from now when the snow melts away and then we don't see it again for who knows how long.  I do love how fresh snow looks and how everything sounds a little different and feels different.  It really is quite magical.

I say again... because I was able to be safe at home with nowhere to go!

When I have a bit more money, I'll re-evaluate my snow gear again as it's been a few years.  I'm missing a good, warm under layer for my legs and my jacket is apparently no longer waterproof (which I discovered when camping) so that should be replaced.  (I actually think it might never have been waterproof, but no point in wondering now)

A strange thing... when I dug out my snow gloves (vs my regular cold weather gloves) one of them had stuff in the fingertips.  It kind of creeped me out to be honest because I wondered if it was animal or bug poop or something from storage, so I dumped it out into the snow and then realized I should probably at least know what it was because if gross, I'd have to dispose of them.  So I dumped what was left into my hand and they seemed to be crystals.

I would assume salt, but did not try to taste them and I was outside so didn't keep any to test (however I would have tested it is beyond me!)  My best guess is that last time I wore them I handled some snow that had some salt stuff on it and when they dried that crystalized?

But even that is just my best guess.  I have no actual idea what it was or why it was on the inside of my insulated ski/snow gloves.

Any guesses?

So yeah, it snowed.  Busses got stuck kind of snowed.  I even read an article that a street plow thing got stuck kind of snowed.  And as my friends who have lived elsewhere have taken to explaining, it's not *just* that we don't get a lot of snow here, it's that the snow here is very different than the snow the rest of Canada (I can't speak for the Maritimes now that I think about it).  It is wet and heavy and sticks hard.  It will often melt and refreeze and we'll get a layer of compacted snow that will turn into ice and then snow on top of that and from what I've been told, the snow here is really weird.

So, there you go.  We got a lot of snow.  Still not the most I've ever seen or dealt with here (that goes to the infamous "Blizzard of '96" but still.  A goodly amount.  Much enjoyed.  Kind of wish it had been a nicer day today to enjoy it in.  (Or that I hadn't woken up in a less than delightful mood and just wanted to be a hermit, boo)


Anonymous said...

Well here near Nanaimo, it snowed all day yesterday & only stopped at night for a total of about 13 inches (did not live on the island in 1996 so nothing to compare it to)Today it is gorgeous, sunny & bright & warm and everything looks magical & crazy - I mean its valentines day tomorrow!

Victoria said...

Yeah, sounds like you guys up that way just got hammered!!! Glad you're having one of those pretty sunny post snow days! :)