Friday, 15 February 2019

Ouch! Really?

I know we love our bodies because they're the only body we have and I do... but I'm also frustrated so going to vent!

My body seems super ultra picky.  Which gets frustrating.

Case in point...

I went for a short wander the other day in my snow boots and the deep snow.  I didn't go far, I didn't rush, I was careful where I stepped.  I stopped from time to time to take pictures and the only reason the walk was long was that I was going slowly and carefully.

So... my body decided that walking in that different (unusual?) way was enough to make my knee hurt for a day.  Like.. are you kidding me?

I didn't DO anything!  I didn't fall down, I didn't run, I didn't twist it or tweak it, there was no injury, I just... wore different shoes that usual and so... a sprained knee?

And I've been spending extra time on these snow days on my laptop.  And so I have now to ice my left elbow because it has that tendonitis feeling from being bent that way for longer than it wanted to be?  WHAT?


I do take supplements for joint stuff and all that, so I am watching out for my body but it is frustrating to get owies for very little...


Jason Langlois said...

It just sucks so much when our body parts go out of warranty. :(

I'm having similar problems - lower back is sore and my knee is feeling tweaked - because of that extra caution and, I suspect, keeping all my muscles tensed walking on the slippery.

Excuses to soak in hot bathes and take drugs I guess.

Victoria said...

I thought I got the extended warranty! ;)

And yes, baths are nice. I bet the physios will see a good few folks after this slippery stuff!