Thursday, 7 February 2019

Snow's a Comin'

Well, I've checked all the sites and by all accounts, we're going to get some snow.

But that's about as far as I'm willing to predict.

Partly because they all keep saying "according to the model we THINK" etc etc etc so they're not even sure yet... not sure of the when or the how much or the where but I think we'll get... some?

But, I also may have jinxed it.  Because yesterday I made sure my car was topped up (it was low on gas) and I ran a couple of errands and I got some groceries and made sure I had no plans that needed to get done over the end of week/weekend/early week just in case it did dump.  Which, as you know, probably means it won't snow at all!

It's like when you take your laptop in to get a screen glitch checked out and they can't replicate the issue (yes, true story, sigh) or when you go to get your hair cut and your hair looks amazing that day for the first time in months (also a true story, sigh)  and I think I should stop now before I end up singing an Alanis Mirossette song!

So yeah.  If this snow storm doesn't happen, it's totally my fault for preparing for it but if it does happen I'm prepared for it! TA DA

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