Friday, 8 February 2019


Well it snowed.  YAY!

It seems to really depend where you are as to how much you got and how your roads were to drive, but I'd say where I was/am, we got a beautiful five or so hours of snow and things look super pretty.

I'm good, don't have to be anywhere now, so if my radiators would start working again that'd be the icing on top of the ... uh.. snow cake?

They say no more snow (as in, they took down the "snowfall warning") and that there is a wind warning, so wind and blowing snow make for interesting times!

There have, of course, been reports of accidents.  I would imagine most of them from people not adjusting their driving to the conditions and some with tires that shouldn't be out in snow, or winter at all for that matter. 

I'm hopeful we'll have a wild winter weekend of more snow and cold and fun yummy cozy times, but for now I'm just admiring how pretty it is with snow covered trees and roofs.  (Wait, why isn't that "rooves"?)  (Ok, I googled, it *can* be but is "out of date" kind of thing now.)

So, yes, am trying to soak in the snow pretty while it's here as I know it is often short lived around these parts.

I do love watching snow fall.  In case I've not mentioned that before (winky emoticon here for sure!)


Elliott said...

A friend of mine stays in Victoria for the winter...actually February and March cuz he spends January in Hawaii. He was playing golf in Victoria a week or so ago and then posted pictures of the two snowmen he built that have Loudmouth golf pants on. Too funny.

Enjoy the snow while you have it.

Victoria said...

Perfect! ;)

And yes, I'm enjoying what we have while we have it because oh so very soon it'll be back to rain and green (not that that's so bad after all) :)