Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Awww Yay!

I had a happy dream last night that I bought a house!

(Or, ok, as I was saying to someone in the dream, well the bank kind of owns it because mortgage, but still!)

The dream was super super nice because it was happy (as in not at ALL stressful, yay!)

I was unpacking in the house or something and realizing it was much bigger than I'd thought.  And there were little things I was realizing I hadn't considered, like the fact that the gorgeous back lawn would need a lawn mower.  (I assume the older couple who owned it previously didn't leave theirs) And then as I was looking to see if maybe they had left a lawn mower, I realized that I'd need somewhere to store one, and the place didn't have a garage, so maybe I'd have to put up a shed in the back yard?  Because garbage cans too... where would they go?

And I figured that there were so many rooms I kind of hadn't realized about that I could really see if Jason wanted to rent one and then that would take six to eight hundred bucks off of my mortgage a month (no idea where those numbers came from but ok!) and then he could help with the back yard because I just realized I could have a garden!  AND GROW FOOD!  Oh my gosh this is just getting better and better!!!

It was a bit further away than where I live now, so maybe a bit more driving but when I woke up and thought "hmmm, where was that house?" I don't think it was where I thought it was so maybe it's not actually that far away at all.

So yeah, in my dream, I own a super cute house that's got more than enough space for me and a great yard where I can grow things and I was talking to my parents about how a grass yard isn't important to me but that these folks did an amazing job on this gorgeous, lush lawn, so I would be looking for natural/organic ways to maintain it because that's responsible and I wasn't going to deal with chemicals.

It was lovely, to be honest, to have a non stress dream (for a frigging change!)  There was no stress about money; I wasn't thinking "I can't afford a lawn mower or organic grass food" I just was excited and happy to be planning and thinking and owning my own home that I could DO things in and with!

As I type this out I am realizing I didn't even consider the fact that I can get a dog!  So had I stayed asleep and spent time in the house I bet that would have occurred to me, yay!

I like to think that some day I'll be buying my own house and something in my brain will go "wait, deja vu?" and I'll think back to typing out about the dream where I'd just bought a house and I'll go hey!  My dream (literal, ha) house!


Happydog said...

Wow this is a fantastic dream! In the past I did a lot of working with dreams and what they might mean. I've belonged to a couple dreams groups as well. When we worked with each other’s dreams we often would use "if this were my dream" as a way to talk about each other’s dreams without "analyzing" them. So if I may be so bold to say "if this was my dream" I’d be excited about this lovely new house with more rooms than I was expecting as a way I'm seeing my life changing. New rooms often have to do with new ways of being or finding out new things about myself. Things are changing in my life for the better! Just a thought!

Victoria said...

Awww yay!

I love looking at dreams and what they might mean, so thanks! :) WHEEE!!!