Monday, 4 March 2019

Super Pet Peeve Rant

There should be a law, A LAW I SAY!, that if you eat healthy type good for you food that you don't even really like but are eating because they are HEALTHY AND GOOD FOR YOU that you do not get sick from said food.

Like seriously. 

I got sick after a lunch that had no bad food in it, that was fresh and all the good things and it's not like I even wanted to eat it, like I mean if I have a bag of Doritos and get a headache or stomach ache after it's like like "oh, well, you know, all those chemicals, my bad, sorry body" but this?  Betrayed by tomatoes?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And no, it wasn't a nasty awful food poisoning type thing it was just feeling really off an unsettled until... er... things uh... cleared my system and then feeling better.

I'm just saying.  If I'm eating this stuff?  No sick or pain ok?  THAT'S A FAIR DEAL!!!!!