Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Super Mild Though

I think after years of wondering, I'm going to admit that I think I get mild seasonal allergies.

I know a few people who get pretty nasty allergies so I know that's not what I'm dealing with and for the last few years I was like well, no way I'm reacting to Spring pollen, because so and so is practically dead and so and so can't stop sneezing and so and so looks miserable so I'm probably just fighting off a cold or something.  No biggie.

But the last few years around this time of year, I've noticed that I get kind of a drippy nose.  Not terribly so, but I'm all sniffly.  I figured it was the change of temperature (it'll be warm outside and then cold inside, or it'll rain but I'll be walking so warm, etc.) or something.  And I'd have the occasional sneeze, no big deal.  But then the last year or two, I started getting a cough.  No feeling of being sick with it, no irritation, just a cough.  Just from time to time... hmmm... Then this year I've had some other symptoms that amount to "my mucus membranes are all annoyed, like seriously" and I thought to myself, well maybe it is kind of light a light allergy maybe?

I took an antihistamine at my doctor's recommendation and a lot of things eased up.  I mean, they probably would anyway if it was a cold, but I'm still experimenting to see if it's worth combating an allergy I'm not sure I have.

It's going to sound weird, but I think it's affecting my esophageal lining and making it hard to breathe after eating... doesn't that sound weird?  But, seriously, I'll often eat something and then spend a good few minutes coughing (like a phlegm-y cough, not just a dry one) and the other day I went out for sushi and felt like I couldn't breathe after with the coughing, it was not a nice feeling.  I know this could be acid reflux, but I thought I'd take a look at the possibility of it being a pollen thing before I look into it being a "my entire digestive system is irritated" thing.... because we all know medicine is rarely just an isolated simple fix, eh!


Happydog said...

As someone who suffers from seasonal allergies—a lot—my go to is it’s allergies if it’s a stuffy nose, cough, sneezing that doesn’t seem to change. It’s a cold if it gets worse over a short period time and then gets better. Also I check the pollen report online and it’s great for knowing what comes out when and so what it could be that’s bugging me. I had a new symptom this year which was itchy skin! Benadryl works the best but makes me sleepy so Claritin is what I use during the day—the generic brands work just as well. And I also have asthma— I know I’m old and a mess 😊—and I don’t wheeze but get a bad cough. Some foods like ice cream and yogurt can also set off an asthma attack. I have a daily Med that manages it pretty well so I don’t have to use the rescue inhaler very often. And that’s probably WAY more info then you needed about me!

Victoria said...

Hi HD!!!!
Oh gosh! I'm giving you an allergy free hug!!! (And good advice, thank you)

Happydog said...

I realized after I wrote this loooong comment I violated one of the cardinal rules of social media and gave advice when you actually didn’t ask! Oops! 🤷‍♀️

Victoria said...

'S AALLLLLLLL good! :) (It's nice that people want to help)