Monday, 29 April 2019

Ten Kay

I was "woken up" yesterday by the cheering for the local 10K run.

I say "woken up" in quotes because it did wake me up but I dozed and half napped through it and before too long it was over and I'd missed it all.

I ran that race a few times, and I should probably put "run" in quotations as well and I think it's not just body discomfort and injuries that lead me to not keep doing it.

As far as I remember, last time I ran it, I was with C-Dawg and we'd both been doing running courses for a while so while we weren't anywhere near fast, we also weren't terribly slow.  And what we found was that in the time period we were (you line up according to your approximate finish time), for the first few kilometers of the race we were dodging people who were either walking or running slower than our pace.  And this, I discovered, is extra draining.  When I think on it, we probably added a lot of extra mileage in those first few K going around people rather than in a straight line.

I bonked pretty hard mid way through the race (a running term for hitting that wall of no longer having any energy) and the last half of it was super long and uncomfortable.

I'm not saying "I don't do the race anymore" for any big reason, it's more me recollecting my last time doing it.

Every time I did do the race, the people cheering and encouraging on the sides of the route always made me cry.  No, really.  I'd get all choked up and emotional at people out there cheering us all on.

This morning it was nice to wake up to those sounds, although it took me a minute to figure out why!  (Some weekends I can't remember in the mornings if it's a Saturday or a Sunday so I was a little confused.)

The other funny thing about that race is that the finishers are crossing the finish line before us slow folks are even at the 2K mark.  That always struck me as funny... I'd get to the 4K mark and be like "many thousands of people are already done!"

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