Monday, 26 August 2019

Monday Again

Welp, there's another weekend where I made no time for writing...

Yesterday was my plan but I spent the entire day (like really, it was like a full work day!) helping pass on info and updates for folks on their way to Burning Man (which... sadly, I am not... sigh)

Unfortunately there was a bad accident down that way (right near the entry to the event) and as people aren't always on their devices while travelling (and shouldn't be when driving of course) I tried to sort of be a middle person to pass on the info that the highways were closed, etc.

I did run some errands during the day though and at one point was buying candy (Lik-m-Aid/Fun-Dip to be precise... what, I can't eat the same stuff I did when I was a kid?  That's the whole point of growing up!) and I ran into my parents in the store!  Yep, I totally got found out at buying flavoured sugar, d'oh!

I'm also clearly a little stumped at how to talk about EVERYTHINGGGGGG now that I started talking about everything so most of the time my brain is blank for posts and I sort of try to wait for ... inspiration or something but it's been a couple of weeks now so I may just have to "force" it.

Bit of an odd weekend weather wise... woke up to rain/drizzle two days in a row, but yesterday was sunny and looks like today will be too.  Feels colder to me, but forecasts says it'll warm this week so we'll see how everything goes.

I suppose I had a decent weekend if not terribly exciting.  I tried a "mask" on my hair... a new thing for me, but C-Dawg raved about it and how soft it made her hair so I tried it (I'm a sucker sometimes) and, well, my hair smells nice this morning.

Hope you had a decent weekend and that your week to come is a good one.  I'd much rather be at Burning Man, of course, but I'll be here enjoying running water and electricity and flush toilets and keeping an eye on things down there... a little.  Jason reminded me that I had a hard time last year (and the year before) too but I swear I felt extra sad not going this year.  Some days it's a mixed bag and others I just miss being there. 

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