Friday, 13 September 2019

Technology Win!

I had a funny technology moment the other day.

When I was over at Jason's for dinner (apparently getting chewed on by un-named bugs!) he went to the store to pick up something he'd forgotten and needed and I sat outside staring at the clouds... or whatever.

Jason texted me from the store saying the lines were going to take longer than he'd planned for and could I go stir the sauce? 

What a fine use of technology, eh? 

(It made me smile anyway.)


Jason Langlois said...

Remember when he would have had to find a payphone and a quarter to call you to tell you the same thing? Good times, good times.

Victoria said...

And remember how cool pagers were? (Like... later on!)

And I used to carry a quarter on a necklace in case of phone call emergency :)

Elliott said...

Remember when the pay phones were a dime? And gas was 25 cents a liter? And you had mixed tapes? And shuffle meant hitting the fast forward button?

No? Guess I'm old. lol

Technology is mostly great.

Victoria said...

I STILL have my mixed tapes. I'm just afraid to use them as I tried on an old player and it started to eat it and I don't feel like risking it! I loved mixed tapes. CDs didn't have that same feel... the careful calculating of time and putting together of song lists and side A and side B and... ahhh, happy times.

I was trying to remember how much gas was when I first learned to drive, I should probably google that ;) And yeah, I also remember calling the Operator (dialling 0) for help. Wonder if that works anymore at all?

Technology is... well... it is what it is ;)