Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Writing

Someone mentioned the other day that it seemed like it was hard for me to write the big posts about what's been going on with me and my health.  And absolutely it is.

It's overwhelming and difficult and sometimes it brings it all back up but there's also some practical considerations I've run into.

Like... how on earth do I try to remember, sort, organize, and talk about things from a year or three ago?  Well, maybe I don't, but I do like me some organization... Hmmm...

Or, the other thing that occurred to me was that I didn't want someone googling anxiety or depression or any other word I might use in that arena and reading what I wrote and taking it as advice.  And then I realized that the name of my damn blog literally has "advice" in it and I had to face palm.  Crap.

I then thought about using codes instead and I thought that, well, Anxiety could be A and Depression could be D but then I realized that writing about "The D" on a blog called "single girl" might be taken as me talking about something else entirely ahem ahem if you know what I mean and so then I just started giggling and, well, all of these things kind of put me in a "well then I gots nothing to say then do I?" sort of mode.

So, I mean, I don't have advice.  Not about health.  I'm just talking about what I went through (and am going through) and what I maybe tried or what maybe worked or just... telling my story.  The only actual advice I think I'd give is if you're really struggling or really unhappy, you don't have to continue to be so.  Talk to someone.  Look into getting help.  And then get help.  Whatever help works for you, and whatever help you have access to.  You don't have to be stuck in whatever it is you're stuck in.  (If you're stuck)  I think I was a long time coming to the point where I no longer could muddle through.  I wish I'd known there was more and that there was a way "out".... but I digress.  I'm not giving advice about health things here.  I will, however, give advice to things like spiders (please stay out of my place and especially my bedroom) or to cute guys I'll never actually talk to (just ignore me not so subtly staring at you, I'm not wearing my glasses, but I'm pretty sure you're super cute) but when it comes to your physical, mental, emotional health?  No advice from me, k?  (But go talk to someone.  Or someones.  If you even think that maybe you might benefit from it.)

And yeah, I'm still struggling with how to a) get back into my writing habits for regular posting and b) figure out how to sort through all of .... this.

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