Wednesday, 2 October 2019

No Words

Someone very dear to me shared some very difficult news on Monday.  They haven't told anyone yet and so have asked me not to talk about it, so I won't be.

Fortunately I had a counselling appointment yesterday (Tuesday) and it really helped to be able to talk about it there and do that kind of stuff that we do there.

I also started some coursework on Monday and am completely overwhelmed by even just the learning curve of how to use the online interface thingy (not the technical term!) and so my combined overwhelm is pretty overwhelm...y.

I'm coping, but notice that I am really not running at anything near full capacity.  So I'm writing myself notes on stickies to help try to cover the things my brain just isn't holding on to right now and trying to give myself slack when I manage to goof up what would ordinarily be a simple task.

I'm also reminding myself that what I'm feeling is normal and natural and while it may not feel like it "this too shall pass", and things will probably get better, or easier, or something.  As in, this has been a really rough couple of days...

In other news my apartment has a little less bite to it now that the radiator is on a little.  And I fixed a door that hasn't ever stayed closed the entire time I've lived here!  Hope you're having a good day and that the rest of it is awesome.