Friday, 11 October 2019

You Were Supposed To Be The Chosen One!

A while ago I got new glasses.

I'd not gotten them right after my checkup because I had somewhere to be, and then I got complacent or lazy and so it was a long while after my checkup thingy and I went to some other place for the frame selection.  (I'd gotten frames there before, it wasn't totally random.)

When we were finalizing whatever, the girl asked me if I had trouble reading with my glasses, I said that yeah, I didn't wear them for reading reading, but that, for example, if I was wearing them shopping, and had to type on the pin pad, I'd take them off (put them on top of my head) to clearly see.  It's like, they're glasses for "far away", and when I try to use them for close up, they don't work.  Shrug.

She mentioned that there was something they could try that wasn't a progressive but was a first sort of baby step towards it.  They would basically reduce the prescription so that the bottom of my glasses had none and so in theory I could look down through that base of the classes and it would be prescription-less so I could read.  I thought hey, sure, so we tried it.

And when my glasses arrived, I found that I couldn't see quite a lot.

Like... I lost a whole chunk of middle range clarity.  So, if I didn't move my head, and just moved my eyes, I could see distance fine at the top, and read fine at the very bottom but the rest of the lens it was like someone smeared vaseline over it and the "mid" distance of things (like street signs?) was now also blurry.  Uh... no!

So I went back.  They adjusted the "transition" and made it weaker or something and I got them back and again, nope, I still had no mid/mid range of clarity.

There was a different person when I took back the second attempted lens and she said that it was likely I just have very sensitive eyes and that while most people don't really notice the shift it seems I did and so it was best to just go back to that one single lens.  Which I was totally happy with.

But it was really weird to be trying to adjust to something while thinking "this doesn't seem right".  So, yeah, I guess my eyes are extra special or something?

Pretend progressives are not my thing apparently.


Anonymous said...

I also wear glasses for far away & had problems when going from computer to look up at tv but the place I went to didn't say I was special they said my eyes are "old" and couldn't adjust like they did when they were younger haha.I was too cheap to get fake bifocals- I just look over the tops of my glasses but was curious.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Victoria said...

Well I say your eyes are special! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!