Thursday, 10 October 2019

Crumbs Away!

Yeah, so I'm weird.

Or, ok not like weird, weird, but I know I have my quirks I guess?

So..... I spend a lot of time on my one particular couch.

I have a friend who calls it a lounger since I kind of lounge on it.  It doesn't have a back (it's part of a sectional thing that I un-sectionaled) but it has an end (?) and I lean against that end and relax.  Or sometimes I fully lay back... recline.. whatever!  It's my couch!  And it's by the window so it gets all the best light and fresh air or radiator heat depending on what's needed and, so yeah.  My couch.

And a lot of times my lovely couch friend has crumbs on it.

Yes, I eat on the couch sometimes, but these crumbs, I eventually figure out, are coming from my feets.

Not that my feet are snacking, but that they're picking up crumbs and things from the floor and then transferring them to the couch when I sit/lay/lounge on it!

I regularly clean it off and all that but it's kind of annoying and so a month or two ago I decided to try to do something about it, and so this is were I realize I'm a bit of a weirdo.  Cuz most people would just not bother.

So, um, I bought a second pair of slippers.  Like, slip on slippers, and so now when I get on or off my couch I take off my cozy slippers and I put on the slip on slippers and so the crumbs and stuff stay on the floor with the slip ons and my feet get to put on cozy slippers on the couch for yay!

Yeah... I now have two pairs of slippers just for reasons of tidy/cleanliness. 

I'll go hide in the corner with my head hung in shame... I know...