Monday, 18 November 2019

Life Imitates Art (The Dream Version!)

Well, actually, what I mean is "Dreams Imitate Life" because that is exactly what happened the other "morning"!

Friday of last week, I had a hair cut appointment and it was at the end of a day where all the errands I'd run ended up being bunk.... as in, they didn't have whatever it was I was looking for kind of thing.  So I head to my hair cut place and.... it looks wrong?  As in, one of the signs is still there but the windows are covered up and the door is locked and... uh oh... I think she might have moved...

So I texted and called, knowing that she was likely not going to answer right away and I sat in my car fighting the urge to go home to cry (what, it happens!) and she got back to me with a "sorry!" and yes, she'd moved back to where she used to be, not all that far from where I was so it all worked out just fine.  Phew.

But I tell you this to set you up with background for the dream I had the next day!

See, the next day, I had an appointment to get my eyes dilated.  And that morning, I had a dream where I drove to a "medical" appointment with a "specialist" I'd not seen before, and in the dream I drove to where my actual dentist is, but it was closed and so I didn't know what to do to figure out where I was supposed to be.

It was a stressful dream of course but it was also funny because I woke up and was like "well that dream totally made sense!"  It combined what had actually happened (with the hairdresser moving and me not knowing where) and what was going to happen (a medical appointment that day) and poof!  Dream!

I just thought it was kind of funny to have a stress dream that was so clearly related to what was going on, vs some of them where I'm like... what?

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