Monday, 20 January 2020

Last Week

So last week it snowed.  And more than just a skiff, which, to be honest, was all I was expecting at first, but then all the weather sites I checked started saying the same thing (and not just copying Environment Canada) and I thought hmmm, maybe it will actually snow!

And then it snowed a little.  And then they said hey, we're getting some more and we did.  I figure a foot overnight.  And I won't get into how little that seems to the rest of Canada and the States that get Snow (tm) I'll just say it was pretty and I enjoyed it and it kind of shut down the city for most of a day. 

I was happy to have the cold weather gear I have invested in over the years, including the snow boots I do not have any memory of buying but am glad I did!

I'd still like to get something with slightly better traction, I do have some things I can slip on the bottom of my regular boots but they're not as grippy as I'd like, so I ended up using the snow boots for the actual deep snow day and my hiking boots for the rest of it.  And, if I may gripe a bit, walking on the sidewalks wasn't much fun.  And even less fun once the temperatures warmed up a bit and things started melting. 

The snow's gone now, as of yesterday morning.  Other than the piles made by shovels and plows... they'll stick around a while making us all think it's Spring, when really, we're only just a month in to Winter!

I went out on the first small snow day and made sure I had.... you know, essentials!  (Foods that I didn't need but wanted and regular food for normal eating!)  As I said to one of the ladies at a checkout "if we're going to have weather, we may as well have chocolate!"  Because, am I right or am I right?  Heh.

So it was a quiet week and the snow's gone now and we're back to mild and rainy and I wonder if we'll get another snow this Winter.... we shall see!


Jonathan said...

I can't remember the last time it snowed here - probably not since the kids were little. This winter it's been making up for lost time with rain.

Victoria said...

I know I didn't pay such close attention to weather when I was little, although I did always pay attention to snow! But I do think it's hard to ignore the differences we're all noticing from "back then" to now in terms of weather patterns.