Wednesday, 15 April 2020


I have a hangnail.

I don't get them very often "normally" but I figure the extra extra hand washing maybe has something to do with this one happening (yes, I'm moisturizing, and I've been using a cuticle thing too just to try to avoid this!) but yeah... it's here.  And it's different to have one these days.

So I try to keep a bandaid on it when I'm out of my house, but then I come home and wash my hands so the bandaid has to come off again.  And because my hangnails usually just kind of go away.... and this one isn't, I'm kind of confused.

I'm treating it "properly" according to the interwebs and all that but there's also the aspect of age that I've noticed over the last few years where my skin just doesn't heal as quickly or as nicely as it used to... so maybe that's a part of it on top of the handwashing and who knows maybe even stress?

But yeah... this is the kind of riveting content you come here for, right?  (I see you all shaking your heads no... whoops!)


Jason Langlois said...

Oh great, now I have to tune in daily to see if the hangnail subplot gets resolved...

Victoria said...

Well.... I don't want to jinx anything but.... (it might be getting better?!)