Wednesday, 1 April 2020

I Wish

I've not been a fan of April Fool's day.... kind of ever.  I vaguely remember my parents playing some sort of harmless trick on me some morning and I remember sort of always being on guard for it the rest of my life.  I guess I'm not a prank person, or a joke's on you person or... whatever. 

Today, however, I would love for the world situation to be revealed as some kind of joke.  Ok, I would not "love" that as that'd actually be super weird and horrifying but... I think I just wish we could all laugh today and breathe a sigh of relief or something.

I live by myself of course, so there will be no "I'm pregnant, just kidding!" jokes (not really funny?) or cling wrap over the toilet seat (also not funny?) or whatever else a partner or parent or roommate might try.  Assuming they didn't know better.

I might take a gander at some of the usual websites to do fun/funny things, but I also wonder if folks have just been to busy trying to survive to get to it.  You know?

Anyway... happy April. 


Anonymous said...

As an adult now not a fan of april fool's day but as a kid BIG fan. I was around 10 & my sister 8 we plotted for weeks because April 1st fell on a saturday!!!Well we got dressed, like we were going to school & ran in acting worried saying dad dad you've overslept, you need to hurry, you are late for work. Well, he jumps out of bed, rushes around, hops in his car, omg! we were so shocked!!!we had pulled off the best april fools! Turns out he drove 1/2 way to work before he realized. Seriously, it is one of the best memories of my childhood and really of my dad, he was so proud of our cleverness & he would laugh and talk about it years later. When I miss him now, I just think about that april fools day and smile.

Victoria said...

That's great :) Too cute!